- Seismic, environmental, structural sensors and data recorders are available from Kingdom Pty Ltd

- MEASUREMENT MICROPHONE. BSWA microphones & accessories are distributed by Kingdom P/L in Australian & NZ. High quality, calibrated electret prepolarized class 1 & 2 microphones. Accessories include ICP power sources, preamplifiers, portable sound level calibrators, USB powered 2 channel measurement soundcard peripheral, 12 speaker dodecahedral sound source, compact light weight 2 channel power amplifiers, an impedance tube providing 125 Hz to 3200 Hz range and a self contained Tapping Machine sound source for foot fall measurements.

- Ling Electronics products, including Ultra High Force Vibration Shakers up to 224 kN are now distributed world wide by Data Physics and are available from Kingdom Pty Ltd.

- TransEra have released version 9.3 of HTBasic, the advanced emulation of the original Hewlett-Packard enhanced Rocky Mountain BASIC program development environment for engineering and science. ..more

- Data Physics is pleased to advise that the assimilation of Gearing & Watson, a manufacturer of electrodynamic shakers in the United Kingdom is completed and G&W now trades as Data Physics.

- Dytran have issued a product update noting an improvement to the popular miniature accelerometer model 3220B, now called 3220E. Form, fit, and function are the same but two improvements are the change from an annular shear (glue on masses) design to a planer shear (screw on masses) design and secondly changing the housing to titanium.

- Data Physics has released QUATTRO, The Dream Machine. Ultra portable and rugged, it provides USB 2.0 connectivity to a host PC or laptop and is completely bus powered. With 4 inputs, 2 outputs and 1 tachy channel, it is the complete solution for small channel count applications. With realtime analysis capability from DC to 93 kHz (204.8 kHz sample rate) it is an NVH engineer's dream machine.

- MIMO with Stepped Sine
Data Physics has released MIMO with Stepped Sine for Mobilyzer-II on the ABACUS DSP platform. Stepped sine testing allows measurement of system frequency responses under particularly challenging conditions. Where the system under test exhibits enormous dynamic range, where signal to noise ratios are poor or the system must be measured while operating, where nonlinearities complicate the picture, these are the areas where stepped sine becomes the method of choice. Multiple Input Multiple Output allows the control of multiple shakers from one computer using multiple control from input sensors.
Combining the two functions of Stepped Sine and MIMO permits the realistic testing of large structures such as aircraft frames, excited by multiple shakers.