Dytran Instruments, Inc
Dytran supplies both IEPE (constant current) and charge mode accelerometers providing uni axial and tri axial, miniature light weight, high G shock, calibration and industrial type units all with a wide variety of mounts.

IEPE accelerometers ........ TEDS accelerometers


Impulse /Impact Hammers.
Dytran manufactures a range of high quality Impulse hammers which include force sensors in the head and integrated cables. They are used to excite structures for modal and other forms of analysis. They include selectable impact tip material which determins the frequency component of the input pulse. The range includes hammers of 2 gram head mass and up to 5.5 Kg mass.

The electronic devices to power sensors are an important part of the system and Dytran supplies a comprehensive range which includes in llne and miniature charge amplifiers, portable and rack mounted IEPE (constant current) battery & line powered current sources and TEDS adapters.


Impulse /Impact Hammer Systems.
Hammer systems or kits are available which include your selected hammer combined with signal conditioning IEPE (constant current) power sources, a selection of impact tips, a selection of accelerometers and cables, petro mounting wax, head extenders and a calibration certificate all supplied in a strong carry case.

HB5802A ..................... HB5800SL

Vibration Meters & Field Calibration Units,
There are two vibration meters in the Dytran range.

1. The 4151HL True RMS Vibration Meter/Controller

4151HL 4177

2. The 4177 Walk Around Machinery monitoring meter

3. There is also the 45EMD portable Calibrator designed to provide precise signal for field calibration of measuring instruments.

Fixed Frequency Portable Shaker.
A portable battery powered shaker with fixed frequency for field testing of sensors, cables and the measuring loop using a built in NIST reference accelerometer and digital display of acceleration, velocity or displacement enabling precise adjustable test levels.

5350 & power adapter

Force Sensors.
IEPE and Charge Mode Force sensors are available from the family of 20 units

. ......... 1203V3 ................... 1050V3

Pressure Sensors.
IEPE and Charge Mode pressure sensors measure dynamic pressure in fluids (liquid & gas) with rise times as fast as 1u sec.

2013V 2300V4

Airbourne Power source, Back to back Cal System, High Intensity Acoustic sensor, Impulse Heads & Triaxial Seat Pads
Dytran offers a range of novel devices to meet special needs. They include a seat pad incorporating a triaxial accelerometer to enable whole of body human vibration measurements, a special IEPE (constant current) power source for airbourne applications able to operate from an unregulated +28 VDC aircraft power supply. There is also a sensor stimulator to assist calibration of IEPE sensors by injecting a calibration signal, a back to back calibration system kit and a high intensity (226 dB) acoustic sensor.

5313A Triaxial Seat Pad ... 4139 Airborne Power

Some Accessories

  • Junction boxes from 1 channel to 12 channels
  • Cables and cable connectors,
  • Constant current Diodes
  • Feed Throughs
  • Mounts: studs, adhesive, adapters, ground isolations bases, magnetic bases, screw, adhesive pads
  • Immersion proof boots
  • Vibration Probes
  • Impact tips
  • Hammer tips
  • Head extensions
  • Petro mounting wax (bees wax)
  • Pressure seals
  • Over 100 cable types
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Dytran Instruments, Inc