Balancing, One, Two or Multiple Planes

"SignalCalc-BALANCE " offers Single, Two or Multiple Plane Balancing.

The Signalcalc-BALANCING on Quattro or ABACUS is a highly portable and rugged instrument using a powerful 24 bit DSP engine and is provided with its own balancing software running under Windows operating system. It requires no FFT analysis software to support it thus providing a very cost effective Single Plane balancing solution but providing Dual Plane and Multi Plane balancing as well.

Signalcalc-BALANCE is provided with an elegant and intuitive Graphical User Interface for instrumentation setup, rotor geometry definition and a complete measurement wizard for the balancing measurements and correction mass calculations.

The application is divided into three simple and intuitive steps. The first allows for definition of the number of balance planes, the maximum allowable vibration at each balance plane and the setup of vibration channels and tachometer input which is used to provide a measure of the rotor speed during balancing and also a phase reference.

The second step is designed to give users an interactive drawing board for definition of the rotor geometry.

The final step is dedicated to the balancing measurements and features a balancing wizard that leads the user through the required balancing steps. Vibration measurements for all balancing planes may be viewed in either the time or frequency domain and the addition of trial masses are shown clearly in the "rotor" view. Measurement results and calculated final correction masses are neatly arranged in a tabular format.

In operation, the tachometer set up ensures jitter free triggering for the synchronous averaging of vibration required for accurate balancing runs and offers a variety of conditioning tools for any type of tachometer. Input channels may be defined in units of acceleration, velocity or displacement and the maximum allowable vibration limits for each balance plane may also be defined in any of these units.
Image 3 caption: The QUATTRO hardware and carry case.

Signalcalc-BALANCE is available as a Single Plane, Dual Plane or Multiple Planes product.

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