Microphone Capsule, Type 1.
The MP201 microphone is the best choice for use in IEC61672 Class 1 Sound Level Meters and for other acoustic or sound measurements requiring Class 1 accuracy. It is a 1/2" prepolarized free-field measurement microphone whose development spans over 30 years in design, manufacture, calibration, and field testing..

Microphone Capsule, Type 2.
The MP205 microphone is a 1/2" prepolarized free-field measurement microphone and the best choice for use in IEC61672 Class 2 Sound Level Meters and other acoustic or noise measurements requiring Class 2 accuracy. The MP206 microphone is a 1/2" prepolarized free-field condenser microphone. Developed specifically as an extremely low cost, general purpose microphone, it delivers Class 2 measurement accuracy.

MP205 MP206

Microphone Array Capsule, Type 2.

The MP408 is a 1/4" free-field prepolarized microphone and an ideal choice for array applications. The MP408 was developed based on BSWA's Type 1 microphone technologies. Its frequency response meets IEC61672 Class 2 requirements.

Microphone Arrays, Type 1.

The MPA416 is a 1/4" prepolarized free-field microphone threaded onto the high performance MA408 ICP preamplifier. It is the ideal choice for microphone systems and arrays requiring large numbers of microphones. It provides 50 mV/Pa, 27 dBA noise floor, 20 Hz to 20 kHz, upper dynamic limit 127 dB,

IEPE (ICP) Preamplifiers.
The MA211 (BNC output) and MA408 (SMB connector for the output) are ICP preamplifiers specially designed for 1/2" and 1/4" prepolarized microphones, respectively. They are high performance preamplifiers with low inherent noise and high input impedance. Their flat frequency response ensures high quality acoustic measurements that comply with IEC 61672 Class 1 requirements. Coupling the MA211 with the MP201 microphone, an incredible dynamic range of 15 dBA to 130 dBA can be achieved. MA211


IEPE Microphone Kits.
The ICP microphones, MPA201/205/206, utilize the outstanding performance of BSWA's MA211 ICP preamplifier coupled with the high quality line of 1/2" prepolarized microphones. Using ICP microphones have many advantages over traditional 200V polarized microphones.

Studio Microphones.

The SM4000 series (4001, 4005, 4006) phantom powered studio microphones are for precision recording and measurement of sound with NO color added. They can be used to record essentially any instrument for a truly accurate representation of the original sound. Each SM4000 microphone is supplied with its individual calibration data for frequency response and sensitivity. Its modular design allows the preamplifier to be used with any of the high quality BSWA microphone capsules.


SM4001 microphone is top of the line. It is suitable for the most critical recording applications requiring extreme performance and environmental stability. Its nickel alloy construction ensures durability and outstanding performance. The electronic circuitry coupled with a transformerless output stage provides a flat frequency response across the entire audio bandwidth while at the same time achieving an extremely low noise floor. With a dynamic range of 125 dB handling up to 146 dB SPL it is a handcrafted work of art.

Data Acquisition Cards & Systems.

The MC3022 is a USB powered Plug-N-Play measurement soundcard with two ICP input channels and one output source channel. Based on 24 bit A/D converters with two-channel simultaneous sampling frequency of 44.1 kHz, it is simple, powerful and yet very easy to use. It is the perfect start to building your own two-channel sound and vibration measurement system.

IEPE Power Source.

The MC102 is a 2-channel ICP power supply that provides a constant 4.0 mA current to ICP microphones and other ICP sensors. The output signals from the MC102 can be connected directly to other equipment or data acquisition systems via BNC connectors..

Calibrator, Type 2.

The CA106 Sound Level Calibrator is a pocket-sized, battery operated sound source for quick and direct calibration of sound level meters and other sound measuring systems. The CA106 satisfies the IEC60942 Class 2 standard and fits all 1/2" and 1" diameter microphones. The CA106 provides a continuous sound pressure level of 94.0 dB at 1 kHz allowing the same calibration value to be used for all weightings. After one minute running, the CA106 automatically turns off conserving battery power.

Omni Sound Source.

The OS002 Omni Sound Source and SWA100 Power Amplifier are an ideal match for frequency response measurements, including acoustic reciprocity and the Maximum Length Sequence (MLS) method. The OS002 Omni Sound Source uses 12 matched loudspeakers in a dodecahedral configuration. This achieves a spherical distribution pattern satisfying ISO 140-3 and ISO 3382 requirements. When connected to the SWA100 Preamplifiers, the OS002 can deliver the remarkable output power of 115 dB.

Power Amplifier.

The SWA100 Power Amplifier produces an amazing 100W per channel at 8¦¸¸ for its incredibly compact size and low weight. It has the same features and protection circuits normally found only in more expensive, larger, and heavier amplifiers. Its two channels can be used independently of each other and uses BNC connectors for input signals. The SWA100 is specially designed to use passive cooling removing the need (and noise) of a cooling fan.

Impedance Tube.

The SW002 Impedance Tube can accurately measure sound absorption coefficients and material impedance values according to standards described in ISO10534-2 (1998). The SW002 is based on the Transfer Function Method, which is much faster than the commonly used Standing Wave Ratio Method. The Transfer Function Method separates the incident and reflected energy from the measured transfer function, and then estimates the acoustic properties of the test sample that is located at the end of the tube. The SW002 is specially designed to work with not only separate test samples, but also for direct use in the field. Its small size and durable aluminum construction make it easy to transport and be used for estimating the properties of walls, ceilings, installed building materials, road surfaces, different ground surfaces, interiors of vehicles,


Tapping Machine.

The TM002 Tapping Machine is a rugged, self-contained sound source for making footfall noise measurements to the latest international standards (ISO140, EN 20140, ASTM E492, GB J75-84, etc.) The main features include:

  • Ergonomic case for ease of transport.
  • Five 500g hammers with 40 mm falling heights.
  • 10 impacts per second.
  • Solid aluminum base for stable operation.
  • Reduced machine noise via belt drive.
  • Long lasting industrial drive motor.
  • No metal-to-metal moving parts resulting in less wear and smooth operation.
  • Both 220V AC and 110V AC powered units available.

      Sound Intensity Probe.

      The SI502 Sound Intensity Probe is built using ICP® type preamplifiers. It complies with IEC 1043 Class 2 Standard. Based on the technique of simultaneous determination of sound pressure and particle velocity by two closely spaced microphones, SI502 can be directly connected to ICP inputs to perform sound intensity measurements.

      Features include:

      • ICP powered
      • Two BNC connectors for easy connection
      • Accurate phase matched microphones
      • Face to face configuration
      • 1/3-octave centre frequency ranges: 63 Hz to 5 kHz
      • Well-defined acoustical microphone separation
      • Microphone Adapter for Calibrator
        • for 1/2 " microphones
        • for 1/4 " microphones
        • for 1/8mm microphones
      • Windshield,
        • 90 mm round,
        • 50 mm round,
        • elliptical and
        • nose cone.
      • Cables
        • BNC to BNC
        • 10-32UNF to BNC
        • SMB to BNC
        • UNF to UNF
        • SMB to SMB
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