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Kingdom Pty Ltd

Kingdom Pty Ltd was incorporated in 1972 and arose out of an engineering and surveying consultantcy in Sydney which is still practicing. Under the guidance of Richard Lovegrove (Dick) as Managing Director, Kingdom entered into engineering software development using Hewlett-Packard's Enhanced Basic and Pascal to produce programs in civil engineering and surveying. In 1982 a move was made to the emerging programming environment of UNIX and C. A spatial database, mapping and GIS product was produced. This led to contact with Data Physics in California 1984 and an association was established. The first joint project in 1986 - 87 was Satellite Dish Calibration software based on Data Physics software, H-P Unix platform and Kingdom's mapping software for OTC which was then mounting Australia's first satellite communication system.

Dynamic Signal Processing.

After supplying "Telecom" and the Army with Phase Noise and Jitter analysis software in 1991, Kingdom moved seriously into DSP products for FFT analysis and in 1992 upon the release by Data Physics of the first Intel PC based Vibration Controller; to Closed Loop Vibration Control products. In 1993 Kingdom invited Data Physics to conduct a seminar series on the new PC based DSP products in Australia and New Zealand. The seminar series was very successful and orders from the Army, the automotive industry and manufacturing industry followed.

Kingdom has always based its offering on scientific and technological products which are chosen for the highest quality, exclusive selection and superior reliability and then folded in with exceptional support. The product line represented, expanded through the nineties to include Vibrant Technology (modal analysis), Muller Instruments (sensors), Imperial College London (modal), Dytran Instruments (sensors), Transera (HT Basic), ANCO Engineers (shakers), TAMS, Dynamic Sciences International with their revolutionary Radio Frequency wide band receivers and analysers and recently VXI Technology (formally Agilent VXI products). All those manufacturers provide the best known and highest quality product in their respective areas.

Today, Kingdom includes most of the companies in Australia and New Zealand which work in vibration or acoustics and associated fields or in wide band radio reception, in its customer list.
Dick Lovegrove
Managing Director